Benifits to seller

Seller can showcase their products in widerwings with most possibilites.This will make sales of their products much more.

City main page

Sell your products on ww city main page

City main page is the best place for seller's to shine. Here seller can recognize and can set trend in their own city. seller's best products are displayed in the city main page.

Seller's offer showcase page

This is the home page of seller's shop in widerwings marketplace. seller's offer page will display only the seller's products with their firm name on header of the page. Here sellers can showcase their own products and they can customise the position of the products. customers will visit the seller's offer page via widerwings app/website or by the seller's domain name.Example: (

Marketing and promotion

SMS service and promotion

Sellers will get sms service from widerwings. By using this service, seller can embed particular promotion link provided by widerwings in that sms and they can send it to their customer contacts. Here the promotion link will directly opens the product page.

Favourite shop

Customer will make your shop favourite in widerwings marketplace if they impressed by your products and fast shipping. This will boost your sales lot more and make regular customers.

Benefits of ecommerce business website
  1. Ecommerce business doesn't need the attendance of shopkeeper or owner.
  2. Ecommerce business doesn't have bargain.
  3. Ecommerce business doesn't requires conversation between customers and sellers.
  4. Ecommerce business has no worries of thieves and theft with difference in physical store and online marketplace store.
  5. Ecommerce business will provide hassle free transactions.
  6. Sellers can get many number of customers at his site.
  7. Seller can recognise his business globally without effort.
  8. Ecommerce business doesn't require any commercial shops, shop renovation, Man power.
Difference between widerwings and other e-commerce sites
WiderwingsOthers site
Individual e-commerce site in virtual market systemYesNo
individual shop recognitionYesNo
various entry to your shopYesNo
individual navigation for product search in your shopYesNo
individual search for products in your shopYesNo
favourite shop at customer end to make permanent customersYesNo
shop search at customer endYesNo
product promotion using promotion id YesNo
individual offer page to display productsYesNo
customize product position in seller pageYesNo
Group orders and we consider group order weight for settlementYesNo
Virtual market system
Virtual market system consists of products that are displayed by many sellers it’s just like market containing many shops.
Individual business ecommerce site in virtual market system
  1. Seller will get individual site in virtual market system.
  2. By clicking product of the respective seller his site will open and his products are displayed in that site
individual shop recognition
seller will get individual shop recognition containing his shop name on header
Various entries to your shop
  1. BY widerwings city page and ww offer page
  2. By domain name of seller
  3. By shop search
  4. By favourite shop
Individual navigation for product search in your shop

Seller site contains individual navigation exclusive for his shop. By using navigation customer will search for his product only.

individual search for your shop.

Customer will search for products using “search “ in his shop only and he will get only your products in display.

Favourite shop at customer end to make permanent customers

Customers will make your shop favourite if they liked your service and products. By that seller will get permanent customers. And customers can easily enter your shop easily using favourite shop link.

shop search at your customer end

customer can search for shop using shop name.

Product promotion using promotion id

You can promote your products by product id .

individual offer page to display products

widerwings made greatest idea of providing individual offer page to each and every sellers so seller can display and can give offer on that offer page .

customize product position in seller page

Seller can customize the product position in seller page so he can set the product position as per the preference.

Facebook and whatsapp product sharing

Widerwings had provided wonderful opportunity to share the seller’s products in social Medias like Facebook and whatsapp groups. So sellers can grab customers easily.

Group orders and we consider group order weight for settlement

Unlike the other ecommerce platforms Widerwings would consider group order for products so sellers had very big discount on seller price and he can give and process orders in group.